Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bailielands Fuisce Available For Adoption

Fuisce is 1 and a half years old. Very good natured and affectionate. But he is a very big strong and boisterous boy. He is not particularly aggressive to other male dogs but will need wise handling due to his strength, speed and bulk. He is microchipped but unneutered presently, arrangements can be made to have him neutered if preferred by an adoptee. He has been returned to me the breeder as too big and boisterous for his family, he is with me now 6 motnhs and I have done a lot of training with him & he is very well mannered now indeed but still I would feel better knowing he would go to someone expereinced in handling large strong terriers or guard type dogs.

Contact me Marie at or phone me at 086 3113390 or 085 8195025.

Adoption fee is 150 euro. If you wish him neutered I will need financial assistance with the cost of the operation which is unlikely to exceed 100 euro in total.

Fuisce A Very BIG BOY