Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ralph and Molly


These are a couple of pictures of our two Glens Ralph (Kenocto Silver Scirocco) 14 months old and Molly (Nicks Dottie) eight months old. Mollie is the daughter of Bailelands Bruce. Ralph is a gentle dog, where as Molly has a little bit more spirit.


  1. Nice dogs, hope you do well with them.

  2. Well done Jane, thanks for posting, lovely lovely pictures. They make a lovely couple :)

  3. Broc,
    I have some photos of you from the Sporting Clubs show on Sept. 13. I was the visiting member from America. Mrs. America, as my friend teases me about. In fact I have over 200 photos from that day, and I've been waiting for the Club to post them on their site. Nice to put a name to a face.
    Regards, Cricket

  4. Hi it was a good day at the sporting show. Alot of us are waiting on the pics to be put up.

  5. If you have some pics of the day. Could you put a few up on this site Cricket. I would love to see some of them. ATB Ray